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Congratulations on taking your first step towards better health!


We assure you that scheduling your first visit at Pravo Wellness will provide you with many resources to assist you on your health & wellness journey.  Whether it be symptomatic relief or wanting to avoid sickness and disease by maintaining optimal health. Alternative therapies like ours really work, they are safe & natural and they can work for you!


Please take a moment to browse through our site to learn more about our natural approach to overall health & wellness. Dr Grbich has carefully selected and implemented specific products and services.


Our staff is on the cutting edge of healthcare with extensive education, clinical success, and a friendly hands-on approach. Our providers work hard to give patients the exact tools and guidance they need to get well and stay well in
a relaxing, stress-free, safe atmosphere.


It is our clinical intention to equally address muscular imbalance, spinal misalignment, nutritional deficiency, toxicity, stress and lifestyle choices so that patients have the best non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatment options needed to get well, stay well and live their best life.


We look forward to assisting you on your journey towards wellness! So many Wellness Services under one roof.

First Time Patient Center


Follow links below to learn more

Relief from Back & Neck Pain. Covered by most PPO insurance plans. Affordable cash
plans available.


Covered by some PPO insurance plans under Chiropractic benefits.
Monthly massage club available.


Facials, Eye Lash and Brow Tinting, Eye Lash Extensions, Hair Removal, Fascia Blastings, & Detox Wraps.


Proper nutrition and diet have
far-reaching health effects. Individual consultations for patients with a variety of nutritional conditions.


Weight loss counseling helps you determine factors that impact
your weight management.


Offering detox services to better aid a person in their journey towards holistic physical wellness.


Contributes to your overall health and well-being by helping you relax, loosening up stiff or tight muscles, and reducing joint pain.

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