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Meet the Staff

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Chiropractor Matthew Grbich D.C. – Founder

Dr. Grbich is willing to help anyone seeking to improve their quality of life and the way that they feel every day. His aim is to educate people on the way stress negatively affects health and implements key strategies to reduce physical, chemical and emotional stress in order to maximize function. Based on his patients’ current health status, he seeks to discover the underlying cause of dis-ease and progresses his patients toward optimal health and well-being.

Dr Grbich strongly believes the human body has an Innate (in-born) ability to heal itself. The Chiropractic adjustment unleashes this ability by unlocking the “doctor within”. Once you discover Chiropractic and proper nutrition you will learn how to avoid disease and optimize your true life’s potential!

Bachelor’s of Science-Biology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Doctorate Degree-Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic
Nation Board Certified
WI Licensed Chiropractor

Chiropractor Steve Holtz D.C.

Dr. Holtz’s approach to patient care is to blend together a variety of treatment techniques for each individual to maximize his or her healing process. He likes to take his time with his patients so that he understands their specific condition and the best treatment approach possible.


Cox Flexion Distraction.

Helps in treating many lower back conditions, including disc problems and lumbar stenosis. 

Impulse Instrument.

The patented and FDA registered device was developed in 2004 after many years of research. The electrical instrument sends a gentle and precise tapping sensation to the muscles and joints to relieve pain and improve overall function. This technique is fantastic for the older population and those who don’t like the noise associated with the manual style of chiropractic adjustment.


Life Chiropractic College 

Dr Holtz
Laura Jo Davidson - Licensed Skincare Specialist

PhilosophyTo be healthy and happy you need to take care of yourself and surround yourself by others with positive outlooks.


The Dermal Institute
Institute of Beauty and Wellness

LJ Davidson
Aaron, BS, LMT - Licensed Massage Therapist

The human body can heal itself. I  facilitate that natural healing process by listening to and understanding each patients specific concerns.

Working collaboratively with patients and Dr. Grbich helps develop an individualized treatment plan that will enhances your experience and create a better outcome.

Aroma Touch
Deep Tissue


Lakeside School of Massage, LMT
Integrative Reflexology Spa
Gollner Massage

Rebecca Lange, RN, RMT

Rebecca graduated from Cardinal Stritch University, with a degree in Nursing. She has since worked in women’s health as a nurse for twenty years. She has also worked in orthopedic medical /surgical settings. Rebecca believes that wellness can be
maintained and healing can be accelerated, by engaging in and utilizing homeopathic and natural healing methods. Rebecca has studied and worked in holistic settings for the past decade and is trained in nine different natural healing modalities.


Rebecca believes that wellness can
be maintained and healing can be accelerated, by engaging in and
utilizing homeopathic and natural healing methods.


Energy Techniques


Cardinal Stritch University-Nursing
Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine

Sheryl Grbich - Clinic Director/Founder

Sheryl has a wealth of experience in the wellness industry for over 20 years. She has a gift of ensuring team synergy and balance within core clinical operations, structure and function. Her mission is to promote safe and natural services and to put safer products in the hands and bodies of everyone.


Build a body that is healthy on the inside and it will be

beautiful on the outside, your health is an investment,

not an expense.


UW-Waukesha-Liberal Arts

Alternative School of Wellness-LMT

Wisconsin Chiropractic Association-Chiropractic X-ray Technician

First Time Patient Center
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